It's all about the soul

Soul-inspired subscriptions for Modern Goddesses: Designed to complement your mindful + mystic lifestyle. 

Like a spiritual retreat in a box! 

The makings of Soulistic Life

In the beginning I was a one woman show. I started with an idea. With a hope of people receiving my boxes full of magic + wisdom, to bring some inspiration to their lives. 

Simply: I wanted to make people feel good, through a monthly box of my favorite things. 

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I started off blogging, with no audience. Not one person. I worked alone, and silently. My friends, family nor my husband knew what I was up to for the longest time. I worked long, creative, late night hours, in between the baby and the "day job" to squeeze out my creative juice, onto this new love for writing and sharing. After the blog, I opened up the online store. I did my research, and knew being the trailblazer for the first (original) Mindful + Mystic Subscription Box for the Modern Goddess® was a big under taking. And I wanted to go pro. I did something my previous self wasn't very good at: I waited. I did my research, and waited for the right people and tools to show up. Those that could help me both effectively and efficiently get my little idea off the ground. That was in November of 2013.

 Sapphire Soul the subscription box opened it's sacred, virtual doors in March of 2014. I started with one subscriber after a local event. It grew to 10, then 25, 50 and the rest is history. It's been an interesting, challenging business- but one I'm proud of starting because I know it came from a good place. I've grown into we. A small, powerful, gorgeous team of women give their best each and every month to bring you boxes of love and self-care for the soul. On social media, you can find me on Instagram here and here. We give spoilers often but focus on creativity; curiosity and connection. 


I get LIT UP when I have the opportunity to create custom boxes for business coaches, yoga studios and health and fitness gurus. People send my boxes out for inspiration, gratitude, and even motivation. I've created healing boxes for souls who are struck with an illness or difficult time in their life. We've grown into creating mindful children's boxes and even storybook boxes (inspired by famous literary women and leaders!) I've added a line of intuitive coaching and online courses offered at various times throughout the year. More than anything, this story isn't to tell you about everything that I've done. It's not to appear as though I have it all: cause honey- no one does. It's to show you, that anything is possible. You can go from barely making it to having more than enough. #truestory You can go from despair to believing in miracles. You can go from darkness to light. And I have nothing that will save you- YOU need to step out, step up and STEP IN to owning YOUR story. 

"You've had the power all along, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself." ~Glinda~

It wasn't until I owned the place I was at in my life: my story, my brand when things really started to turn around. For a while, even I felt like a phony, not "having it all." But my definition of having it all ain't what it used to be. And it didn't come the way I thought it would. In order to receive, the number one rule is: LET GO of HOW you think or hope it will happen.

"You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings." ~Elizabeth Gilbert~FYI- Eat, Pray, Love. 

EPL was the first book that made me OPEN up. I owe much of this, to the channel that opened wide while reading Elizabeth's beautiful work of art. Your ruby slippers, are on all the time. You have your wand. There will be tricksters, frenemies and foes. Listen to your intuition. Rest. Give yourself the time you need to heal. Then drop the excuses. Stop finger pointing. Quit slackin' and make shit happen! Soulistic Life (formerly Sapphire Soul) is the original mindful + mystic subscription box for the Modern Goddess®. We focus on sending boxes of love + light to doorsteps each month. 

There are 2 ways you can checkout. For a monthly subscription, please use this website and checkout. For a 1x purchase item, please hang tight- site is being updated! Re-billing for subscriptions is the 9th of each month. If you wish to GIFT a subscription, please do so by clicking on the GIFT button. We have the right to substitute items based on availability. You may cancel at anytime by logging into your account. You may skip a renewal by logging into your account. Please be mindful about where your account is created. 

Please check the blog and your emails frequently regarding important info and box contents. 

Once you subscribe monthly, you are also invited and encouraged to enroll in our FREE e-course "Soulistic Life Monthly Magic" which will go deep into the contents of your box and offer audio, visuals, wisdom and meditations. Sign up here and use code: SUBSCRIBER, its included in your monthly cost! Are you a blogger and want to do a review? Email us with your info/stats/media kit and we'd love to check you out!

Soulistic Life/Sapphire Soul products, services and wisdom are given for resource and reference only. Please consult with your doctor for medical issues and attention. Helping you create space and time for self-care is most important to us. Subscription boxes should be fun, not confusing. I want YOU to schedule in time for your body, mind & soul and start living the life of your dreams! I love what I do and I love that you are here. With your box, do the soul work. Side effects include: frequent bursts of creativity, epiphanies, revelations, bouts of warm and fuzzy feelings and even: happiness. Your soul, is rooting for you- and so am I.


always learning

Since B-School, I've been featured on the Huffington Post , and many other featured publications. I've worked with some of the best entrepreneurs and master, mindful coaches out there. I'm a Desire Map Facilitator and hold both virtual and in-person workshops locally and around the globe.  Leading women in soulful goal workshops has been one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences yet. I'm a certified yoga instructor, and you can find bits and pieces of my instruction in my digital e-courses and offerings.

Most recently, I opened Soulistic Life School + Modern Goddess Society. A digital sacred space for wisdom, connection and community. Sign up for the FREE 3 day e-course titled "Step In" here. Most importantly, I've been able to receive and embrace the abundance and FREEDOM I've been longing for. 

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