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Each subscription renews on the 9th of each month and is shipped at the beginning of each month.

Order the Mindful + Mystic Monthly for July + August and CUSTOMIZE your zodiac adornment! After you place your order, you'll receive an email to send us your info and zodiac sign!

Intuitive Message

This bundle is the most affordable for souls on a budget. Soulistic Life is run on intuition, business smarts, and pay-it-forward kindness. I believe, everyone should be able to receive the inspiration and words of affirmation they deserve each and every month no matter what your bank account says. We will intuitively select at least one message in the form of an affirmation, oracle card (or something of the like) and 1-2 physical products for you each month. Our intentions are to inspire, uplift and ask you to dig a little deeper. Reflect on the message throughout the month and co-create change in your life!

Crystal Monthly Subscription

Perhaps you are just starting out with crystals and might be a rock rookie or are a more seasoned reiki master- this package is fun and will allow you to gussy up your sacred space in no time. You will receive 1-4 crystal items per month. You could receive a variety of tumbled gemstones and small sized specimens, or a larger coffee-table statement piece! It could also be a piece of jewelry such as pendant or another awesome gem accessory! $28/month. This item comes in a padded envelope with all items carefully wrapped.

Mindful + Mystic Monthly -NEW price

Love + Light. Each month. To your door. The Mindful + Mystic Monthly is a step up from the Intuitive Message. Subscribe to 6 months and save $19, get 1 month free- subscribe to 12 months and save $38 and get 2 months free! Soulistic Life is not just a box of stuff: we pride ourselves on putting together spiritual swag and an uplifting experience! Each month is a surprise of MUST HAVE items for your sacred space and life including (but not limited to): crystals, candles, affirmations, art, chakra balancing, crystal healing jewelry, essential oil + apothecary products, teas, holistic and organic foods, spiritual decor, altar items, products for cleansing, and MORE! With the box often comes info to facilitate you on your journey. We have a FREE private Facebook group where subscribers can dive deep, connect and share wisdom with one another.  This item could come in a box or bundle (oversized envelope) depending on contents. Our monthly packages are no longer themed, you receive a healthy mix of sample and full sized items!

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